Who we are

FBA (Fishing in Buenos Aires) is a local (Buenos Aires, Argentina) organization that was created to provide our fishermen with unforgettable fishing experiences, enjoyable, with excellent service that exceeds their expectations, and also contribute to our sustainable fishing destinations.

FBA sets itself apart from our competitors with a superior customer service. Since we are a highly experienced wholesale tour operator, we can handle all of your travel needs. That is why we look into every detail of your fishing trip, to ensure each itinerary has all the ingredients to satisfy our clients.

Our Fishing guides are local experienced anglers. They have been exploring the area and Dorado fishing itself for more years than most. Do follow their advice, designed to maximize your enjoyment of this incredible fighting fish. All will be able to offer tips on how to best fish each area, as well as which lure, fly or live bait presentation should work best depending on the conditions at that specific time of the year.