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Our Bilingual guide will pick you up at your Hotel in Buenos Aires and will drive you to the bus station. The night ride on the Sleeping Bus is a pleasant trip where you will be able to rest in a very comfortable seat that turns into a bed. Upon arrival, our fishing guide will be waiting for you and will drive you to our fishing lodge. You will be able to take a shower, have breakfast and around 8 am start your fishing day expedition.

The fishing day starts early in the morning around 8 am and will finish around 6 pm. During the expedition your guide will fish the most effective spots at that specific time of the year. Our Fishing guides are local experienced anglers. They have been exploring the area and Dorado fishing itself for more years than most. Do follow their advice, designed to maximize your enjoyment of this incredible fighting fish. All will be able to offer tips on how to best fish each area, as well as which lure, fly or live bait presentation should work best depending on the conditions at that specific time of the year.


  • Day 1 10:00 pm: Pick Up at the Hotel in Buenos Aires Downtown
  • Day 1 11:00 pm: Fisrt class Sleeping Bus Bus leaves from Buenos Aires Bus station.
  • Day 2 6:00 am: Your fishing guide will be waiting for you at the Fishing Location Station. He will take you to the hotel and will wait for you until you get ready to start your day expedition.
  • Day 2 8:00 am: Fishing Expedition begins.
  • Day 2 12:30 pm: Lunch. Your guide will cook a typical Argentina Barbecue for your party.
  • Day 2 6:00 pm: Fishing Expedition Ends. Your guide will drive you back to your hotel.
  • Day 2 11:00 pm: Night Sleeping Bus leaves back to Buenos Aires. If you decide to stay 1 or 2 extra days, you will stay at your hotel and the next day, your guide will pick you up for another Fishing Expedition.

Ideal Trip

If you are on a Business Trip or simply on vacations in Buenos Aires and want to get out of the big city for a day, this is the right trip for you. This trip is ideal for beginners or advanced fishermen. If you would like a Bilingual guide during your entire trip, please ask us to quote it for you. We have guides available that will make your stay even more enjoyable.